Dylan and the Nobel

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It had to happen. Someone in the Swedish Academy just had to pull Bob Dylan up on his manners. It has taken the whole hilarious thing even further back into the 1960s. Yes, of course that was a Decade of Youthful Rebellion, but then there had to be something to rebel against. Parental morals for a start. So a huge …

Pic by Alan Franks

Sir Peter and St George

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What a dreadful year for musical loss. Still not three months old and some serious bereavements, whether you love or loathe the legacies, or lives, of David Bowie, George Martin, Keith Emerson and now Peter Maxwell Davies. The last of these, although the only one to have nothing to do with pop music, was arguably the most controversial. I never …

Meeting David Bowie

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People always said that when they saw David Bowie, they never knew exactly who, or what they were going to get. That’s not surprising, considering the man was a professional chameleon; a brilliant one at that, always fully committed to whatever incarnation he was inhabiting at the time; Ziggy Stardust, Thin White Duke, Tin Machinist, Neoclassicist and so on. And …

Introducing Wendy Howard-Watt… and her adventures

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The launch party for Wendy Howard-Watt is at Keats House, Hampstead on Thurs 21 Jan at 6.30pm. There will be live readings from the author, Alan Franks and West End actress Charlotte Moore. This launch is also being held in celebration of the life of the late Ruth Boswell, founder and director of publishers Muswell Press. She nurtured the book from …

London Gallery Quire sings at St George's Lutheran Church , Alie St, Whitechapel, London

London Gallery Quire at National Portrait Gallery

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The choir you see here will be singing tomorrow evening (December 18th) at the National Portrait Gallery.    Founded in 1997 by its director Dr. Francis Roads, on the left of the picture, the London Gallery Quire gets its name from the style of its repertoire, which consists of the pre-Victorian English church music known as West Gallery. Mostly joyful, …

Author page now on Amazon

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Delighted at last to have an author page on Amazon. The CDs will be coming soon, including an exiting new one, but meanwhile, you can buy the first five, performed with Patty Vetta, here.

Alan Franks on assignment for The Times

From Judas to Jesus? Bob Dylan at the Royal Albert Hall.

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Next year will be the 50th anniversary of Bob Dylan’s infamous Manchester concert at which one member of the audience, enraged by the presence of the singer’s hugely amplified band, stood up and yelled: “Judas!” Surely it is now only a matter of time before someone calls out: “Jesus!” from the stalls. Alan Franks was a journalist on The Times …

A World Elsewhere by Alan Franks

Plays and Music

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Details of Alan’s plays and music have now been posted in pages on the site. We’ve also added a couple of poems, Waiting Room and The Old Tunes, winner of the Petra Kenney Prize, 2004, judged by Andrew Motion. There is so much still to do but we have made a start!